«Today’s cybersecurity landscape can impart a sense of precariousness — there appears to be no end to the deluge of malware or criminal hacking»*


At freudiger IT security, we use our knowledge to give you peace of mind.

Corporate security is the number-one priority for responsible decision-makers, such as IT staff or financial, human resources, and control managers. 
Cybersecurity risks can expose companies to significant financial loss as well as reputational damage. Only consistently applied measures provide a solution. 
freudiger IT security helps companies to identify these cybersecurity risks and take proactive measures extending to all areas of the company. 

Vulnerability management is an important element of securing business-critical data and systems. Knowing that selective testing no longer fits the bill, freudiger IT security performs regular, targeted IT vulnerability analyses of IT systems and applications for you. This uncovers any security gaps, so that they can be immediately resolved.
A vulnerability analysis is indispensable in the case of pending inventory controls or migrations, to name just two examples.
An IT SecTest by freudiger IT security produces a precision map of your IT attack surface. This includes, for example, the extent to which IT environments are exposed to attacks from the internet.
Are you planning an external or internal inventory control and want to be on the safe side? Is a new environment being implemented? Performing an IT Security Check during and after implementation or inventory controls will help you avoid unpleasant consequences.

One of the major security aspects that system administrators must consider is how cloud services are configured. Cloud Security Audits reduce the risks associated with identity and access management, storage services, logging, monitoring, and alerting services as well as database services.  
freudiger IT security’s years of experience in selecting and using the right techniques and methods form the basis for our analyses. They are complemented by our specific recommendations on action measures. 
We recommend performing a cloud security audit for all activities associated with cloud migration and post-migration.

Our consulting services include support with: 
  • Upcoming cloud migration
  • Elements of decision-making process for acquiring new software or hardware
  • Creating internal security guidelines

We map your cybersecurity risks

The advantages of external support from freudiger IT security include time savings (none of your resources are tied up), plus reduced costs for software investments.  
freudiger IT security already has the know-how, so you can benefit immediately. 
Added to this is the high quality of our analyses and recommendations, based on our many years of experience and broad client base. We always use state-of-the-art technology and consider all current threat scenarios

Vulnerability management – A neutral vulnerability analysis


Continuous scanning for IT vulnerabilities is the only way to identify and resolve IT vulnerabilities in IT systems and internal and external assets (IT assets) and to reduce the number of security incidents.
freudiger IT security’s experts have the up-to-date, indispensable know-how to comprehensively map any vulnerabilities in internal and external systems.
The final reports contain prioritized recommendations for action that you can take on board and implement immediately.


 We scan your internal and external:
  • Webserver
  • Database server
  • SaaS applications
  • Remote work environments (VPN)
  • Test and production systems
  • Websites and webshops
Anyone who wants to responsibly run a business must take basic security measures to safeguard their business continuity.
Discover our approach in the Acme Medical B.V. case study.



IT SecTest – Comprehensive security testing of corporate IT systems and networks


Corporate security is the number-one priority for responsible decision-makers, such as IT staff as well as financial, human resources, and control managers.
An IT SecTest also known as a ‘penetration test’ or ‘pentest’, involves a comprehensive security check of a company’s IT systems and networks. 
freudiger’s IT SecTest maps the entire IT attack surface. The analysis and associated recommendations for action have several aims, including to ensure that customer data, supplier contracts, and information about employees remain within the company.  
The IT SecTest visualizes the extent to which IT environments are exposed to attacks from the internet, with the aim of preventing ransomware attacks, data corruption, system failures, or a production standstill. 
In consultation with the client, freudiger IT security carries out targeted digital attacks to penetrate the systems and networks that need to be tested. During this step, freudiger IT security plays the role of an imaginary cyber attacker and applies various methods and techniques employed by cyber criminals.  
The subsequent report produces an analysis of the IT attack surfaces. A pragmatic recommendation that resolves the identified vulnerabilities provides all stakeholders with an efficient procedure to minimize risks. 
Addressing this issue systematically and consistently sends a clear signal to your partners, customers, and employees that you take your corporate security seriously.

Cloud Security Audit – ensuring cloud security

Many companies entrust their data to a cloud provider, who is responsible for ensuring the security of the cloud infrastructure. The cloud user – i.e. your company – is responsible for securing and protecting company data within the cloud.
Your IT or system administrators face many challenges related to cloud security. One of those challenges lies in misconfigured cloud services, which offer a chance for attackers to access sensitive data. Misconfigurations can occur in the following areas: Identity and access management, storage services, logging, monitoring and alerting services, database services, cloud integration.
Cloud security is particularly at risk when ...


  • The cloud provider changes options and settings. The cloud environment grows in complexity.
  • The cloud environment has not been configured in the most secure way.
  • There is a lack of knowledge related to best practice or awareness of new developments.
freudiger IT’s Cloud Security Audit maps all configuration vulnerabilities in the cloud infrastructure according to CIS benchmarks. The resulting recommendations for action are based on best practices from different industries.
freudiger IT security presents the result of the analysis in a discussion with the IT managers and provides advice on how to implement configuration measures.
After a period of time to be agreed upon, freudiger IT security performs a re-check of the vulnerabilities identified in the recommendation for action and how effectively they have been eliminated.

**«Today’s cybersecurity landscape can impart a sense of precariousness—there appears to be no end to the deluge of malware or criminal hacking». The ‘Cyber Defense Index 2022/23’ by MIT Technology Review Insights